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Team Coaching

Great teams are built on great relationships. Lack of Self-awareness and awareness of others can make work environments awkward and difficult places to get stuff done. With trends leaning toward less face to face and more digital presence, "relational distance" erodes the collaboration required for teams to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness. But when people come together and experience true unity, production and efficiency skyrocket. A united team is an unstoppable force. Enneagram Team Coaching can address the following:

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Build a dream team that high capacity employees want to be part of!

  • Minimizing personality conflicts which can corrode team unity and stall productivity.

  • Developing mutual compassion for teammates.

  • Improving the working environment, making your company a desirable workplace for high capacity employees.

  • Fostering deeper relationships leading to more trust and longer employee tenure. 

  • Better communication makes a team operate like a well-oiled machine, working more effectively and efficiently together.

  • Developing healthy team culture, which is at the core of "Best Workplace" teams.   

To begin a conversation about a team coaching experience, complete the intake form at the button to the right. Once that is submitted, I will reach out to you to set up a conversation to discuss your team and the goals you hope to achieve. I look forward to meeting you and determining if my services will be a good fit for you.

Package Options

1/2 Day Seminar

I can meet with your team to introduce the Enneagram, explain its inner workings, cast a vision for using it to enhance team connections and develop a model for implementing the new ideas in the work environment. 

"This is me" team discovery session

Ideally, I would meet with each member of the team to help them discover their own type, understand their own communication and conflict styles, activators, "love" language and other important facets of their unique personality. With the insights gained during this session, each person would create a way to present themselves to the rest of the team with "language" to develop better, more personal intercommunication within the entire team. There are several ways this can be done with different pricing options.

Team Building with the Enneagram

Once the team has a basic understanding of the personalities represented among their team, we can engage activities that will facilitate communication around these new insights. These will serve as drills, helping the team to implement their new understanding. 

Ongoing Review and Maintenance

To implement these new insights long-term, a maintenance plan can be developed to provide further coaching with check-ins, accountability, refresher courses, encouragement and continued teaching/education on a number of topics related to your team's unique needs.

Let's talk! I can customize a package to meet YOUR needs and goals. 

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