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Relationship Coaching

Bringing your best self is always about relationships. How do you see yourself in the context of a relationship or group? How do they see you? Do the two pictures match? This process begins with self-awareness - achieving a clarity about your inner world that helps you make sense of you. Then with a new perspective, we can grow to see others with the same kind of clarity. Armed with new understanding and new appreciation for ourselves and others, we can chart a course out of disruptive impulses and habits and build stronger connections with intentionality.

My Services


Individual Coaching

Understand yourself better. Discover why you are stuck in some areas and learn how to get out of destructive ruts. Improve your EQ. Understand your impulses and blindspots and where they are coming from. See your strengths and superpowers and how to make them work for you without working against you. Get a new vision, set new goals, and rewrite your future.


Couple's Coaching

Every marriage is plagued with misunderstandings. You are two totally different people. Learn your unique personalities' love languages and develop communication for dealing with pervasive relational problems. Build a toolbox for working together rather than clashing with one another and experience new levels of cohesiveness and intimacy.  


Team Coaching

Working teams can be amazingly efficient machines that get stuff done...or they can resemble a middle school playground filled with cliques, drama, and school yard spats. Whether a church, corporation or business, you cannot afford the latter. Your mission is too important. I’d love to help you build a team you can be proud of and others want to be part of.


Public Speaking

As an experienced communicator, I would love to prepare a presentation or workshop that will add value to your people and meet the unique needs of your audience and your event. 

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