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Coaching Services

I am so excited to begin a coaching journey with you. Please use the payment options on this page to complete your payment at least 24 hours before our first scheduled appointment. I look forward to connecting soon.





Individual Discovery Session

During this session we will take some time to clarify your core personality type, then go through a brief overview of the entire Enneagram system as it relates to your type. 


Individual Explore Series

Next, we will explore you through a deep dive into your type over the course of five different sessions. The insights of the Enneagram will consistently lead you to a deeper awareness of your personality’s strengths, weaknesses, impulses, stress indicators, activators and more. Ultimately, we will identify pathways toward growth and set goals to get you there. 


Couples Discovery Session

This session will be very similar to the individual Discovery session description above, except we will go through it together. You and your spouse will learn so much about one another. I can't wait for you to develop a deeper understanding of one another that will lead to more profound connection.


Couples Explore Series

This series will follow a similar path to the individual Explore series described above, but again you will share all of these insights with one another in the context of a coaching environment. My hope is that you will walk away with a toolbox full of new ideas, common language and fresh energy with which to build your marriage and your home.

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