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Individual Coaching

The Enneagram helps us to hear the very heartbeat of our soul. Just like a mechanic is able to use a computer to read the error codes in a car that is defective, the Enneagram reveals what we are doing and why we do what we do. I love to lead people into that space where we listen, then with fresh awareness of who and whose we are, set our eyes on Christ who leads us into a transformed life. Jesus said, "For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." In other words, whatever is in there will come out. Let's work on what's "in there".

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Bring your best you to life and relationships!

Couples Coaching

Bring your best you to your marriage!

Arguably, the most important relationship in our lives is the one with our spouse. Yet even after years of marriage, misunderstandings can persist, making it difficult to achieve the intimacy we all desire. Relationship coaching with the Enneagram can lead a couple on an exciting journey of discovery and understanding that will open the door to better communication and deeper connection. 

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Four-Step Coaching Process




The first step is free! I’d love to meet you, hear your story and understand your reason for reaching out and what you are hoping to improve. I will explain how I believe I can help you, then answer any questions you may have.




We will spend the time necessary to identify your Enneagram type, then through a study of your type and your unique version of that type, discover all kinds of new insights which will give you clarity and build your confidence.




Next, we will explore you through a deep dive into your type. The insights of the Enneagram will consistently lead you to a deeper awareness of your personality’s strengths, weaknesses, impulses, stress indicators, activators and more. Ultimately, we will identify pathways toward growth and set goals to get you there. This is a five-session process with a package price.




Once we have completed the Explore series, we will discuss the option of further coaching. By this point you will have a strong sense for what you would still like to accomplish and what that will takes. As a coach, I can cheer you on, critique your “swing”, remind you of the basics, hold you accountable and be your thinking partner as you brainstorm ideas for achieving your goals. We will discuss a plan that will work with your goals and your budget.

Price customized to coaching agreement.

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