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Dear friends and family,

Hello and blessings. If you are seeing this message, it is because you are a friend or family member who has demonstrated support for Jen and I and our ministry in the past. So many of you have asked, “So, what’s next for you Milan?” I'm excited to announce and explain just that.


Today I am launching a personal coaching business to help people achieve better physical, relational and spiritual health and wellness. I will be using my 30+ years of ministry training/experience combined with the Enneagram (a personality typing tool) and a health system to provide clients with “whole person” coaching that can help them bring their very best self to life and relationships. I’m trying to keep this email short, so for more info, please click on the logo above to check out the rest of this site. There's tons of info here and it can help you really understand what I'm going to be doing.


Several of you have said in recent months, “If you need anything, please let us know.” Right now we really do need the support of our family and friends. Here are some practical ways you can support us in this next leg of our journey.


First, we need your prayers. Building a brand-new business is exciting – but also pretty scary. Finding clients who want my services, who understand what I do, and generating enough “business” to replace our previous income…are all things we have no control over. I am literally depending on God to bring people who need/want my help. He is the one who bestows favor, opens eyes and prompts souls. Please pray that God would connect me with clients who need my services, then help me effectively serve people in a way that honors Him and richly blesses them.


Second, help me get the word out. If you know of an individual or couple that would benefit from coaching, send them to my website ( or share a link on Facebook. If you could refer me to a church, business or non-profit leader who may benefit from team coaching, that would be amazing. If you have questions, please give me a call. (269-364-8456) I would love to share my vision with you.


Third, consider becoming a client yourself. Check out my personal coaching or team coaching pages to learn more about my services. If I have invited you to this page, you ARE a friend or family member. Look below at the special offers available ONLY to friends and family members. But hurry because there are only 10 discount spots available til the end of September.


Lastly, some of you have asked specifically if/how you could help us financially. Starting a business takes a huge investment. Not only that, but there will be a ramp up period before income reaches its full capacity. If you would like to help in this way, I have created a GoFundMe page that lists a bunch of our start up costs. It would be amazing if you could sponsor a piece of that investment as I launch the business. Click here to check out that page.


Thanks again for being one of those important people in our lives. I look forward to sharing God stories with you of how He builds this ministry and continues to transform lives. Peace and blessings.

Milan Bittenbender

Friends and Family Deals

There's a lot of love in this place...

Hey, thanks for being someone who has been a part of my life and cheered me on or supported me in the past. And thanks for taking an interest in what God is leading me to now. I am so excited to get this new venture launched and I want all my favorite people in this with me. Below is a list of the services I offer with links to special pricing for you. But you've gotta hurry, I only have ten spots available for this special offer which will close on October 1. I hope to join you on a journey to better health and wellness soon.

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Regular price: $125
With F&F Discount: $100 

Regular price: $175
With F&F Discount: $140 

Regular price: $550
With F&F Discount: $440 

Regular price: $800
With F&F Discount: $640 

There are currently 10 spots left.
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