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Bring the very best version of yourself to your life
and relationships.

Your personality can be your greatest asset or your worst liability. I can help you understand the difference and develop a plan to unleash your best self.

Identify your weaknesses - Magnify your strengths
Minimize your blindspots - Rewrite your story

Learn more about how Coaching with the Enneagram can help you.

You ever feel...

  • Confused about why you do and say the things you do?

  • Like you can’t break free from disruptive patterns of thinking and behavior?

  • Like you're limited in your leadership capacity because of a struggle to improve your EQ (emotional intelligence)?

  • Like there is an internal "auto-correct" that keeps inadvertently misspelling your life’s purpose and motives?

  • Misunderstood by others and wish you could overcome subconscious relational patterns that continually sabotage your relationships or leadership capacity?

I can help...

As a certified coach, I use the ancient and profound tool of the Enneagram to help clients embark on a fascinating and exciting journey of self-discovery. The Enneagram has a way of showing us a perspective of our inner world we have never seen before, with astonishing clarity. I will come alongside you to help you grow in your self-awareness, chart a new course and together, craft practical goals to get you where you want to be with fresh hope and inspiration.

Coaching Services

Ind Coaching.png

Applying the principles of the Enneagram to our lives and relationships is a powerful approach to increasing our self-awareness and our awareness of others in ways that lead to inner transformation and deeper connections with others. I can coach you through this process, help you set goals and then cheer you on to fulfill them one at a time.

Team Coaching.png

In order for a team to operate like a well-oiled machine with peak efficiency and effectiveness, the relationships between those in the team need to operate at peak performance. Team training begins with self-awareness, then fosters deeper understanding and connection among team members, freeing them to work better together. 

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The Enneagram is a fascinating and inspiring tool for personal and relational growth. I speak with passion that engages an audience and helps them connect to the principles and insights of the Enneagram. I will also give practical next steps for implementing these principles and setting a course for personal and relational growth.

James B.jpg

“Milan is a gifted pastor, teacher and advisor. His work with Enneagram and the coaching surrounding it has helped me understand my internal wiring better and has helped me focus on pursuing the best side of my personality type. It has been, by far, the most insightful system I’ve used for personal discovery and Milan has unlocked it in a very valuable way. “                                                           ~James Benham

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